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Our equipment is purchased and replaced on an on-going basis to support our workload. We follow a philosophy of providing our people with the equipment they need to do the job and they will perform.  We take pride in having appropriate equipment and are very particular about maintenance and the condition of our equipment.  Our in-house mechanics and maintenance crew ensures equipment condition and will modify or create specialized equipment to suit the needs of a project.  Our in-house logistics coordinator ensures that equipment and materials are mobilized and on the job when required.  Finding creative solutions to unusual tasks is one of the keys to our success.

Facility Crane Capacities

16 x 5-Ton  (80)    1 x 25-Ton (25)
9 x 10-Ton (90)     2 x 50-Ton (100)
6 x 15-Ton (90)     1 x 150-Ton (150)
535-Ton Total Capacity

Blasting Equipment

Rail access
Inside Blast 15’ W x 20’ L
Shot Blast size
15’ W x 100’ L x 18’H
15’ W x 30’ L x 10’H

Mobile Cranes

2 x 100 - Ton (200)
1 x - 50 - Ton (50)

Stress-Relieving Furnace

Max. temp. 1600ºF, 10’H x 14’W x 69’L
Max. temp. 2000ºF, 14’H x 11’W x 55’L

Other Features On-Site:

  - Pipe Painting and Epoxy Coating
  - Burning Table up to 6” Steel Plate
  - Plate Rollers
  - Shear
  - Brake/Bender
  - Sub-Arc Welding Positioner
  - Plasma cutting/Welding

Field Equipment

Extensive inventory of tools and
equipment necessary to complete jobs