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About LMC Industrial Contractors

About LMC Industrial Contractors

LMC Industrial Contractors, Inc. was founded on the simple principle of, “give the customer what they ask for, do a good job, and when you’re done-give them a little extra so they want you back!” It is the pride and dedication of the past and present employees of LMC, and the attitude and direction of the President, Lawrence D. Mehlenbacher, that has allowed us the good fortune of being in business since 1982 to serve customers that appreciate this philosophy.


“I am proud of the accomplishments of LMC, as it is a reflection of the talent we have assembled steadily over many years.  Every customer is important to the continued success of the business.  We look forward to continuing to supply the quality services we are known for, as well as the new opportunities to demonstrate our abilities with new customers.”


With our pipe-fitters, fabricators, millwrights, engineers, service division, technical and support staff, LMC has a sound basis from which to handle jobs large or small.


“As we continue to expand our capabilities and make improvements in the best interests of our customers, I look forward to the prospects that lie ahead and the opportunities to meet the demands to produce the quality this business is known for.”